FN P90 ABS Rifle

FN P90 ABS Rifle
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This is a full size FN P90 replica. This model is made of hard ABS plastic and the weight is fairly light. This FN P90 is a complete set ready to go right out of the box. It comes with the Ikon-x laser tag unit completely attached to the gun and the trigger switch wired inside the gun.


The Ikon-x laser tag unit is a powerful laser tag system with a hit range of over 350 feet in broad daylight and a range of over 500 feet at night.


When you make your purchase your package will include the FN P90 gun, the main Ikon-x laser tag unit, one 7.4 volt (2000 mA) rechargeable battery, one customized scope mount set, one Weaver scope rail, one key for unit activation and reset, one battery charger (for every one to six units purchased), a headband a rechargeable battery for the FN P90 itself and one charger for the FN P90.


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