Referee Gun

Referee Gun
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The referee gun is made to reset your players faster. This is a full size Pistol replica with a removable magazine. This model is made of alloy.


This is a complete referee gun ready to go right out of the box. It comes with the Ikon-x laser tag unit completely attached to the gun and the trigger switch wired outside the gun. This unit is a functional laser tag gun except it can not receive hits. This unit does not come with sensors. You can add sensors for an additional $30.00 per gun making each referee gun a full scale laser tag gun.


The unit can be programmed to reset other units that have sensors without constantly using the key. Purchasing one or two of these units for your referees will help control the flow of the games better.


When you make your purchase your package will include the referee gun, the main Ikon-x laser tag unit, one 7.4 volt (2000 mA) rechargeable battery, one customized scope mount set, one Weaver scope rail, one trigger switch and one key for unit activation and reset.


Remember the referee gun is also a fully functional airsoft gun as well as a laser tag gun. As an airsoft gun it is a spring action single shot requiring manual cocking prior to each pellet shot.


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